Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Books News Digest

The Fifty Shades trilogy are still topping the charts and breaking records, despite being dismissed by one Blackwell's Sales Assistant as 'awful...of course I haven't read them'.  But what else is happening in the book world this week?

Dan Brown (pictured) has the dubious honour of being the 'most donated' author for Oxfam, according the Guardian, beating out Ian Rankin and James Patterson.  Stieg Larsson and JK Rowling were the chain's top sellers.

Meanwhile London's Poetry Parnassus kicks off tomorrow (Tuesday) with a 'poetry bombing' - poems by 204 writers from around the globe will be dropped from the sky in a bizarre start to the week of events, intended to 'echo the poetic spirit of the ancient Olympic Games'.  Notable names such as Simon Armitage and Seamus Heaney are involved.

Grace McCleen has won the Desmond Elliott Prize for her novel The Land of Decoration.  The prize, which is awarded to a first novel 'of depth and breadth with a compelling narrative', will somewhat ironically mark the end of McCleen's writing career - she had previously indicated she intends to focus on her music.

Across the pond, classic novels are getting Twilight-inspired cover designs to try and attract a younger audience.  One HarperCollins edition of Wuthering Heights promises it is 'Bella & Edward's favorite book'.  At least its not as bad as Jane Eyre Laid Bare.

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