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Here are all the books we've reviewed so far, arranged by their author's surname.  If there's something you want us to review (whether you want to know if its worth a read, or you just want to see if we agree!) let us know in the comment box below.  Or if you've got an opinion you want to share, you can write for us yourself!

Calvino, Italo - Invisible Cities

Chekhov, Anton - The Steppe

Charles Dickens - A Tale of Two Cities 
                           - Bleak House

Cronin, Justin - The Twelve

DeLillo, Don - White Noise

Duffaud, Briege - A Wreath upon the Dead

Fitzgerald, F. Scott - The Great Gatsby

Hemmings, Kaui Hart - The Descendants

Hemmingway, Ernest - Fiesta/The Sun Also Rises

Hornby, Nick - High Fidelity

James, Henry - What Masie Knew 

Kermode, Mark - The Good, The Bad and The Multiplex

Kerr, Philip - Field Grey

Moore, Alison - The Lighthouse

Morrison, Toni - Home

Myerson, Julie - Then

Pollock, Tom - The City's Son

Pynchon, Thomas - V.

Ronson, Jon - The Psychopath Test

Rowling, J.K. - The Casual Vacancy

Rutherford, Edward - Dublin

Sullivan, John Jeremiah - Pulphead

Tolstoy, Leo - Anna Karenina 

Varenne, Antonin - Bed of Nails/Fakirs

Wells, H.G. - The Sleeper Awakes

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