Comment and Analysis

Forgotten Bestsellers: Where are they now?

Serials: a whole new world of episodic possibility

With Amazon's latest announcement that they are to provide serialised books, Joel looks forward to the enormous range of possibilities on offer

Anna Karenina - the joy of long books

Best Book Review Sites

Claire Davis explores some of the best places to find good reviews on the web

Joyce, Yeats, and the Impact of Literature on Dublin

On Batman & Dickens

The Future of Islam (1934)

In part two of our series on literature and the Middle East, we look at one ignored scholar's predictions for Islam's future.

What's the point of a book review?

Reading Books & the Arab Spring

In part one of our series on literature and the Middle East, we examine some of the political implications of the ways we read.

William Shakespeare: Where to start?

If great authors wrote the Olympic opening ceremony...

The e-books of the future

Hookline: A new way to get published?

Charles Dickens: Where to start?

Where have all the poets gone?

The Road to successful film adaptation

Joel speculates on how literature might capture the public imagination, whether it be through global poetry or YouTube hip-hop.

It might have capture the public imagination, but does David Nicholls' bestselling novel work as a literary text?

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